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Hey! My name is Karlee Donovan. Thank you for shopping at Hemp to Home with me!
Here you will find a few of my favorite products.
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Mini Bath Bombs

These are a staple in our house! Especially the Bedtime Baby scent which contains Lavender. They are perfect for my kids before bed bath!

Pumice Stone Soap

There are many reasons why I love our Pumice Stone Soap! They have so many uses! I use mine to exfoliate my legs before shaving for a closer and cleaner shave, whereas my husband uses his to clean off his hands after work. It is the only soap that will take all the gunk off his hands after working all day! 

Whipped Hemp Body Butter

Our creamy whipped body butters are loaded with skin loving oils! They have been known to help with many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Plus they come in a wide range of wonderful scents (My favourite is Black Raspberry Vanilla).

Natural Ingredients
Cruelty Free
100% Canadian