Our Bubble Bath Bomb Card

Our Bubble Bath Bomb Card

Our Bubble Bath Bomb Card

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Place this amazing card in the Bathtub and watch it vanish before your eyes, as it colours the water and releases a wonderful scented aroma. Scented in Sweet Orange. The inside comes blank so you can personalize it with your own message!


My children have eczema so they can only use 1 type of soap/shampoo. We tried the white tea and ginger soap bar, the bath sprinkles and the oat milk and honey body butter on both of them.. you barely know they have eczema AND they are so happy to have a “pretty bath”

H2H Customer

My daughter uses all the bedtime baby products and we love them. She’s ALWAYS so calm and ready for bed after using them.

Alyssia Sears

These products have helped reduce the itch (from psoriasis). On the worst of the patches they reduced/completely got rid of the plaque build up. On the spots that were just red (No plaque buildup) reduced the size of the patches. He has only used these products for about 2 weeks and I am blown out of the water with how much they have helped him so far! He has tried every product and treatment out there and nothing has helped like this has.

Krystle Graham

The whipped body butter (white tea and ginger) is a thick cream and actually really lightly scented. My skin feels awesome and I put it mainly on my arms and legs. As something I’m going to use daily on the majority of my body, I love that the scent is subtle and would probably mix really well with any additional perfumes if I chose to wear one going out. A++

H2H Customer
Natural Ingredients
Cruelty Free
100% Canadian